Restaurant Review: Ramen Yukinoya

Craving creamy broth? Craving ramen? Craving delish food in the cold?

Top to Bottom: Tonkatsu ramen, Tan Tan Mein
Top to Bottom: Tonkatsu ramen, Tan Tan Mein
HOURS: Monday – Friday 
PRICE: under $10
ADDRESS: 1423 South Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007
HOURS: Monday – Friday // 11AM – 2:30PM, 5PM – 9PM | Saturday – Sunday // 11AM – 9PM
INFO: (626) 821-0901
OVERALL OPINION: You need to visit this place if you like ramen at a great price!

Located in Arcadia, CA there is a little small shop called Ramen Yukinoya. With over 20 dishes to choose from, our table ordered Tonkatsu Ramen and the Tan Tan Mein. One thing this place is known for is the garlic presser. There is a jar of marinated garlic on each table along with the garlic presser to add the flavorful garlic to add to your noodles.

TONKATSU RAMEN: This creamy broth was delicious and full of flavor. The bowl had 3 slices of pork (chatsu), half a soft boiled egg, shredded red gingers, chopped green onions, seaweed (nori), and bamboo shoots.

TAN TAN MEIN: The spicy broth was sweet, creamy, and delicious. The bowl has sesame peanut sauce with ground pork, half a boiled egg, bean sprouts, and bok choy.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Arielle says:

    It looks so delicious!


    1. leTáto says:

      Thanks! It was delicious, and this place is a must try for ramen lovers :D


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