Product Review: Pastry Snaffle’s Hakodate 1998

Sweet and fluffy…all the way from Japan

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Pastry Snaffle’s Hakodate 1998 is known for their best-selling cheesecake. The materials they use are high quality milk from cows raised in Onuma, own original cream cheese recipe, and “Salad Mood” premium eggs. With fresh, authentic materials, these skillful professional pâtissiers make wonderful delicious baked goods.

I had the opportunity to try these cakes brought all the way from Japan.

The box came with 3 mini heart-shaped cakes. Each one was individually wrapped with different patterns.


One dive in…

Wow it was fluffy indeed. Amazing as it claims to be. Diving the fork into the cake (…yes, I’m one of those people that uses a fork to eat these kind of pastries…), I could feel the density of the cake harmonizing with its fluffiness…as the cake fluffs back up.

One bite in…

♫ Whaaaa…angelic heavenly choir ♫ Amazinggg! It was sweet, yet not overly sweet. You can totally taste the rich ingredients used in this cake. Each small bite was filled with the creamy milky taste. It is difficult for me to describe how wonderful it tasted. It does not leave an overly sweet taste in your mouth that you must clean your palette right away. Pair it up with tea, and yummy delish! You got yourself a small dessert time.

This cake is worth trying. Pastry Snaffle’s is known for their cheesecake and their catch cakes. So if you get a chance, you should try their pastries out. The only catch is the price tag…ranging from around $2-4/each. It is a bit pricey, but I think it is worth it to try it at least once. See for yourself!



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