Meet Jenn!

Hi! I’m Jenn Lui. It’s so nice to meet you! ^^

First off, I want to give you a big welcome and a thank you for visiting my blog! To check out more about the “behind the scenes” of le Petit Táto, visit the “About” page or the “Front” page. Feel free to dive right into the hub!

Okay, so a little about myself…

I am an aspiring photographer/blogger based in Los Angeles, located in the sunny state called California, USA. I am a music junkie who loves to explore different eateries, places, and events. To keep “in shape” from all my food adventures, I enjoy hiking whenever I get the chance – always down for an adventure. The wilderness must be explored!

I started this blog mainly as an outlet back in November 2014. I wanted a centralized space where I can just write away, showcase a few of my photography skills, and mainly to share moments with you. Through le Petit Táto, I hope to share places, events, and amazing stories with you.

Join me here at le Petit Táto on this life journey. I will be sharing the things that makes me (and hopefully you) happy; and the things that helps me overcome my fears and failures. I hope that you will find love, joy, gratefulness in your every day life. Even in the very little things, God has put happiness in everything so that we may enjoy our lives as we continue to glorify His name.

Wish you will all love this upcoming blog site and remember to follow me on instagram @lepetittato! OH! I almost forgot, did I mention I was a car enthusiast? If you are a car fanatic like me, follow me at @adventato (this is where my cars pictures will be at!) See you around!




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