Café Review: Lift Coffee Roasters

Want some gourmet coffee to lift you up?

CATEGORY: Coffee, Tea
PRICE: under $5
ADDRESS: 3590 Central Ave Ste 101, Riverside, CA 92506
HOURS: Monday – Sunday // 6AM -10 PM
OVERALL OPINION: If you enjoy dark roasted flavored coffee, this industrial hipster cafe might be the one for you! 

 Continuing on my search for hipster cafes in RiversideLift Coffee Roasters came under the radar. In my previous coffee shop post, remember how I mentioned Molinos Coffee’s hype? Well this is another one. Many UC Riverside students recommended this place, so I thought “why not check this place out too?” This place is kind of hidden, but it is right across the street from the Riverside Plaza. I arrived at the shop around 7PM and it was not crowded. The decor had an industrial feel to it with a stainless steel airplane wing as the countertop. Another thing that stood out were their coffee machines. I know nothing about coffee, but the stainless steel decor matched perfectly with their name (sadly, I do not have any footage to show you). The staff here were really nice, and they serve your drinks right on the spot.

24 HR COLD BREWMy friend ordered a cup for under $5, and I had the opportunity to take a few sips. If you are a fan of black coffee, then this place is truly for you. The taste was…very black. I heard cold brew are suppose to taste sweeter than coffee, but I’m not quite sure if I would say this brewed drink was. Maybe it could be the selected dark flavor roast..?  I heard if you like Cold Brew, you will like this place.

ICED MOCHA and VANILLA LATTE: These were delicious. It was smooth and flavorful. They run about under $4 each.

left to right: iced mocha latte, iced vanilla latte
left to right: iced mocha latte, iced vanilla latte

They serve genuine coffee….like brewed COFFEE coffee. They also have Pitch Dark Modern American Chocolate for you to pair up with your coffee.

They sell Pitch Dark Modern American Chocolate

If you enjoy a place with a hipster-ish vibe to it, this is the place for you. With friendly and well informed baristas, your are bound to find the perfect drink..all you coffee lovers. There are outlets and free wi-fi available here with seats inside and outside. It may be more on the expensive side, but you pay for what you get. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your fresh premium coffee. Give this place a visit, if you enjoy dark roasted flavored coffee.



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