Café Review: Molinos Coffee

One Latté coming right up!

Molinos Coffee
Molinos Coffee
CATEGORY: Coffee, Tea
PRICE: under $5
ADDRESS: 3660 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA 9250
HOURS: Monday – Friday // 6AM -10 PM | Saturday // 8AM – 10PM | Sunday // 8AM – 9PM
INFO: // (951) 276-7147
OVERALL OPINION: I would recommend this place! It is a wonderful place to study, catch up with friends, or just have a wonderful sip of coffee. ☕😋

I heard lots of compliments about this little quaint place in Riverside, CA, so I decided pay a visit to Molinos Coffee. Located in front of the Mission Inn in downtown Riverside, this cafe is sets a perfectly artsy feel. This cute and hipsterish coffee shop is decorated with a big window facing Mission Inn, along with a hanging chandelier and a painting on the wall.

Menu and pastries
Menu and pastries

I came around 6:30PM, and there were lots of people studying or reading on their laptops. Oh, I forgot to mention that finding parking might be a hassle. But if you come after 6PM, there are free street parking available. The environment was quiet so I decided to go to their little patio outside to chat with my friend. Their menu is written on the wall with chalk, listing the many choices they have. My friend and I decided to get a passion fruit iced tea and a white mocha latte.

Coffee Time

top to bottom: passion fruit
iced tea, white mocha latte

PASSION FRUIT ICED TEA: It was actual tea tea (if you get what I mean). It was not sweet sweet, but had the passion fruit flavor. I love tea, and I have to say it was delish! My friend added some sugar to it to her preference. Which made the tea taste even better… For under $3, this iced tea is worth it!

WHITE MOCHA LATTE: Oh mo…yumm! I usually order latte or cappuccino when I go to coffee shops, and this under $4 latte is good! Sadly it did not come with a latte art, but the latte made up for it. I am no expert, but comparing this sweet latte to others that I have tried, I would say this is more on the creamer/milk side than coffee. Actually, I could not taste any coffee or espresso in it… So for those of you who are not a big fan of coffee, this latte is for you!



le tato white

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth T. says:

    This little cafe sounds lovely <3 :) Will definitely bookmark it so that I can stop by the next time I'm in Riverside! Thank you for sharing Jenn!

    XO, Elizabeth

    Liked by 1 person

  2. stylelullaby says:

    This coffee shop sounds splendid. I don’t live near Riverside but the next time I do, I’ll definitely be getting my coffee fix here. Thanks for sharing xoxo, sharon

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Don’t think I’ll be heading to riverside anytime soon, but this cafe looks so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love these urban/chic style cafes, they really make the eating experience a whole lot more exciting. Great post! Love your blog <3 x


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