Restaurant Review: Fantastic Donuts

Good morning! Hope you have a beary wonderful and chirpy day!

donut holes: chick, penguin, bear
donut holes: chick, penguin, bear
PRICE: under $3 (Cash Only)
ADDRESS: 1101 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles CA 90006
HOURS: Monday – Sunday // Open 24 hours
INFO: // (213) 252-5237
OVERALL OPINION: A place that delivers the most cutest & delicious donuts. I will go back when I have the chance!

Located in Koreantown in Los Angeles, CA, there is a donut shop that creates the most cutest and delish donuts you would ever find in the area. Fantastic Donuts isn’t a fancy smancy looking shop, but I like that…it has a family vibe to it.

I went in to pick up my pre-ordered batch of donuts for my mom’s birthday. Once I told the employee that I was there for pick-up, she directed the designer of the cute donuts to me. During that duration of time, I took a quick glance at the other donuts and was drawn to get the cute cow, white bear with strawberry filling, and another bluebeary. The total came out to be $15 for 8 customized whole donuts & 6 customized donut holes.

The whole transaction is very simple. To get customized donut holes or donuts, you have to pre-order. I placed the order a few weeks before I went in. All you need to do is send an email to Fantastic Donuts at and put in your order (i.e. what kind of donuts, desired pick-up time, etc). They get back to you very quickly. And that’s it! They will e-mail you the price breakdown and the total. Remember…cash only!

CUSTOMIZED DONUT WITH FILLING: The filling is very sweet (a bit too sweet for my liking…) For $1.65, you can choose from various filling flavors (strawberry, raspberry, lemon, etc)

orange sorbet bear
orange sorbet bear
pink piggy
pink piggy

CUSTOMIZED DONUT HOLES: They are the most adorable looking donut holes I have ever seen. For $0.45, you can request them to look however way you want (penguins, chicks, bears, turtles, etc)

blueberry penguin, bear, lemon chick
blueberry penguin, bear, lemon chick

GENERAL DONUT WITH FROSTING: Initially I thought the frosting would make the donut extremely sweet, but actually it was the right amount of sweetness. In my opinion, the frosting is what gives the donut the various flavors (blueberry, strawberry, lemon, etc)

GENERAL DONUT: It was fluffy and soft. No joke. I don’t know what else to really say other than it was so well worth it. It isn’t oily like some donuts. It isn’t tasteless. It was yummy-tastic!

pre-ordered customized donuts
pre-ordered customized donuts

The shop has many different donuts to choose from. They have the ordinary donut selections along with the animal donuts. They open 24hrs, but for those cute donuts…come after 7:30am. You’ll be sure to get fresh cute donuts. But I think you’ll probably end up with more than 1 of those donuts by the time you walk out that door. Go check Fantastic Donuts out! I will for sure go back again when I’m in the area.



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